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Submit Your Erotic Story Idea

Welcome to my creative oasis where your erotic imagination can flourish. I invite you to submit your most tantalizing story ideas, where passion, desire, and sensuality take center stage. Whether it's a steamy encounter, a forbidden romance, or a daring adventure, I'm looking for your ideas to captivate and arouse. Your submission could be the spark that ignites my next sizzling ASMR erotica masterpiece, crafted for a diverse audience eager to explore the depths of their desires. Join me in weaving a tapestry of erotic tales that celebrate the richness of LGBTQ+ sexuality. Submit your story idea today and become a part of my ever-growing anthology of pleasure.

If your idea gets chosen you will be emailed a final version as a thank you. 


Story Submission

I'll get to you soon!



Are you ready to take charge of your self-pleasure and desires? Then let's get started!

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